Semi-conducted (2003)


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The great ones – the truly great ones – reach a point in their career when it is time for reinvention and renewal. Semi-Conducted marks that point with the sharpness of a newly carved baton. What it marks is a staggering, lusciously luring pas de deux between the Worms and a full symphony orchestra. The live fusion of musical flavours is fascinating: the honeysuckle of the horns, the pure peach of the percussion, and the sweet strawberry of the strings all blend wonderfully into an entirely fresh, entirely engrossing texture. An enchantingly long finish: aftereffects linger well after the player stops.

1. Overture 02:55
2. Big Fat Road Manager 03:12
3. Canada’s Really Big 02:27
4. Rocks and Trees 04:44
5. Log into You 03:54
6. I am Cow 03:18
7. Last Saskatchewan Pirate 04:43
8. Gaelic 04:04
9. Me Like Hockey 03:17
10. Carrot Juice is Murder 03:50
11. Dangerous 02:44
12. Billy the Theme Park Shark 02:20
13. Celine Dion 03:41
14. We are the Beaver 04:00

released March 18, 2003