Russell’s Shorts (1994)


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Woody and mysterious, Shorts dispelled any notion that the Worms might be a one-hit wonder. This album is excellent with game, hearty stews, and rich, powerful cheeses. Delightful and delicate oddities like “William Shakespeare’s in My Cat” and “Killer Robots from Venus” are complemented by crowd favourites that include “Carrot Juice is Murder,” “Having Fun is Bad for You,” and “Big Fat Road Manager.”

1. Tokyo Love Song 03:13
2. Carrot Juice Is Murder 03:28
3. Rippy The Gator 02:59
4. Killer Robots From Venus 03:38
5. Having Fun Is Bad For You 05:04
6. The Fishing Song 03:33
7. William Shakespeare’s In My Cat 03:30
8. A Night On Dildo 02:49
9. The Last Sensitive Cowboy 04:17
10. Losing Hair Under God 05:29
11. Big Fat Road Manager 03:12

released September 1, 1994