Little Box Store

Welcome to our Little Box Store! You can buy CDs and DVDs and books and shirts and hoodies and salad spinners and other things. OTHER THINGS!! For now, we’re only shipping to Canada, but we’ll get this stuff available to everywhere eventually. In the meantime, spend recklessly and without regard for your financial well-being. Your products should arrive 10 – 14 …


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People We Know Who Know Us: Tim Readman and Big City Productions Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie Paul and Storm The Wailin’ Jennys James Keelaghan The Checkerboard Guy Bowser and Blue Frontier College Dr. Demento The Good Lovelies Godin Guitars CBC RDR Music The Agency Group Maple Music  


Mike McCormick – plays guitar and sings. Mike was an early hipster as he has always worn plaid and had facial hair in the pre-ironic period.  Mike has a website and Twitter. Chris Patterson – plays bass and sings. Chris likes riding his bike and following municipal politics.  And bacon.  He has a children’s album called “Small Potatoes” and is …


To send a message directly to us, send to If you want to book us for something please contact our agent Ryan Heerschap at I Book Shows ( He is a very nice fellow and would be glad to talk to you. The Arrogant Worms are on Facebook. The Arrogant Worms are on Twitter.