Bancroft, ON

This was the last show of the summer for your Arrogant Worms.  We had played Bancroft a few times before but this was our first time outside.  The bandshell is a great venue and they packed quite a few folks in there.  The show was free but you could rent a chair for $2 if you didn’t bring your own.  What a deal!  The show had a few running themes as is often the case.  The first was that the Welcome to Bancroft sign appears a good 45 minutes south of town.  We didn’t know that Bancroft was annexing neighbouring towns.  Well played.  The other theme was BJ and the Bear.  This came up as Chris tried to get truckers to honk their horns on the highway right next to the bandshell.  This involves a pulling motion that mimics the pull string that triggers the horn on big trucks.  Or at least it did on BJ and the Bear.  There was a lot of confusion but a couple of people in the crowd were familiar with the show and the horn honking.

Oh and we also sang some songs.  That seemed to go over much better.  A great night with a great crowd caps off a great summer!  Next up is Cayuga, ON on September 16th.  More fall and winter dates will be added soon.  Stay tuned.

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