Summerfolk – Owen Sound, ON

Summerfolk?  Summersoak!!  Wow did it ever rain.  And rain.  And rain.  And hail.  And rain again.  BUT, you can’t get much more awesome than Summerfolk.  We hadn’t been back for three years or so and man oh man, it was worth the wait.  Wicked damp fun.  Not only was the lineup full of old friends like David Francey, Lorne Elliott and The Good Lovelies but we made some new friends in Old Man Luedecke, Michael McNevin and The Chapmans.

We had an unplugged workshop on Saturday afternoon.  Had we plugged in, we wouldn’t have seen Saturday night which was too much fun to miss.  We had a nice full amphitheatre for our Saturday night mainstage show.  We were digging into the hamper of hits and were still able to fill 40 minutes.  The crowd had been rained on all day and gave us such a nice welcome and ovation, although that may have been for the few hours of dry weather.  We’ll take it regardless.

Sunday started out fine weather-wise but then quickly got wet again.  Luckily for us, we were in the beer tent which was huge and dry and held a big dry audience.  We did a great workshop where we sang our silly songs and the bluegrass juggernaut known as The Chapmans played with us.  Fast and furious.  Then Mike and Trevor participated in Mixed Up Bands which randomly selects performers from the festival to form bands and play a couple songs together.  Apparently, Mike’s band won with their rendition of Purple Rain.  While this was happening, Chris was doing a kids’ show while the sun was starting to come out again.

The last event for us was The Last Laugh.  90 minutes on the beer tent stage with The Good Lovelies and Lorne Elliott.  We can’t say enough about these people.  We had been looking forward to this one for a couple of months and it did not disappoint.  We think the audience liked it too.

So a great weekend full of music, mirth and moisture.  Many thanks to Richard for having us and all the thanks in the world to the volunteers of this festival for going above and beyond to keep everyone happy, safe and mostly dry.

And now, a picture of Britney Spears and an umbrella.

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