Gateway Festival – Bengough, SK

What a whirlwind tour of Saskatchewan we just had.  We flew to Regina early on Saturday morning and were picked up at the airport by fine Gateway Festival volunteers, Keith and Curtis.  We checked in at our hotel in Regina and then got in a van for the 90 minute drive to Bengough.  You can see Bengough from Regina.  We arrived at the fairgrounds and were assigned an RV trailer.  This is living.  It was nicer and bigger than most dressing rooms.  Mike even had a nap while Chris and Trevor sipped Dr. Pepper.  Sweet!!

We opened the mainstage in the afternoon to a fine crowd of Bengoughites.  While we played a kiddie train with cars shaped like pigs, cows and other animals kept rolling by.  Only one car had an umbrella over it.  All the others fried in the hot sun.  Always fun to watch sunstroke in real-time.

After our first set, we were the emcees for the next few hours.  We get to thank sponsors and make announcements.  A lot of people wouldn’t want that job but we kind of love it.  We got to thank the local Co-op for providing the reefer truck!  Pardon?  Reefer truck.  Apparently it means refrigerator truck.  It kept the beer cold.  We took it to mean something else and wondered why they sold chips and other munchies at the next booth over.  Maybe you had to be there but we thought it was hilarious.  On second thought, you didn’t have to be there because we were the only ones there who thought it was funny.  Anyhow, thanks to the Co-op for keeping beer cold.

Our second set was at the beer tent stage (reefer truck!!) and it was a bit more rock and roll.  Even though this was the country themed day of the festival, we rocked out anyway.  No one seemed to mind.  After watching most of George Fox’s set (featuring his band of guys who also play on our albums including our producer Andy), we got into a pick-up truck with our new pal Mark and headed back to Regina.  We drove between two rather spectacular lightning storms on our way there.

We met in the hotel lobby at 4:45am and went off to the airport for the trip home.  If we didn’t have so much fun, it would be hard to convince us that we went to Saskatchewan on Saturday.  We’ll stay longer next time we promise.

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