Canada Day – Vancouver, BC

We jetted off to Vancouver so we could rock their Canada Day senseless.  And we did.  We got there the night before because we had to be at work at the ungodly time of 11:30 in the morning.  There was a high school prom going on at our hotel.  The whole place smelled like Axe body spray.  Awesome!

And the gig was awesome too.   The Royals were in Ottawa on Parliament Hill but we made out just fine without them.   The mountains were our backdrop.  Apparently they were real.  Our midday set was oozing with Canadian goodness.  We were also on big screens which was a bit frightening at times.  Hi def was not made for us.  We also got to emcee the rest of the day.  There was lots of great talent and the audience was eating it all up.  They also ate poutine and other delicacies.  We got to see the Irish Descendents play.  We hadn’t seen them in a long while and actually met them in a fine bar in Saint John, NB in 1995.  Yikes.  We’re old.  But not as old as Canada.   Thanks for fun day, Vancouver.  Here is a view from the stage…

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