Burnstown, ON

We are way behind on our blog.  Apologies.  We can say that we’ve been too busy but we’d be lying.  Our show in Burnstown was at a small venue called the Neat Cafe.  And it was aptly named.  Not a speck of dirt anywhere.  Except for the site of the new septic bed.  Lots of dirt there but that was to be expected.  The show was not to far from where Mike lives so it was his crowd.  And he didn’t disappoint.  Mike treated his peeps to many local references including a brand new song about their local Member of Parliament.  It was just a couple of days before the national election and this was Mike’s protest song for the people.  As it turns out, she was elected with an overwhelming majority of the votes – albeit less overwhelming than in past elections.  Well done, Mike.  If you want to see and hear the tune, please check out the link here.  On the way to the show, Chris and Trevor went through the town of Waba.  As you can imagine, it was mentioned a few times as a noun, adjective and verb.  Feel free to use the word whenever you can.  It’s very fun.

Here is a picture of Mike’s MP Cheryl Gallant with our Prime Minister.  Apparently they’ve met.

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