Toronto, ON

Moose Jaw?  Check.  Forestburg?  Check.  Courtenay?  Check.  Just one major city left for this leg of the tour.  Toronto will have to do.  And do it did.  We were back to the amazing Hugh’s Room for our 22nd show.  The venue just celebrated its 10th anniversary the night before.  10 years huh?  Adorable.  We made fun of them quite a bit for only being half as cool as us.  However, we really hope Hugh’s Room doesn’t look like us in 10 more years!  It was a very fun show with a spectacular crowd.  Two encores.  That’s almost like working.   Election fever had not yet hit Toronto.  Most people thought the signs on front lawns meant the house was for sale.  Not even the notion that our current PM is from Toronto and two of the other leaders are from Toronto too, could get people in the democratic spirit.  Hopefully this will help.  We are doing our part to build up excitement for rhetoric and empty promises.  Check out the video below from our official Youtube spot and pass it on.  Lets see if we can get 60% voter turnout.  C’mon Canada!

If I Were Prime Minister

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