Winnipeg, Moose Jaw, and Regina

And so it begins…

The first show of the western swing of our big  20th anniversary tour was in Winnipeg at the West End Cultural Centre, a place that we love to play. The place was full and the audience was a little on the  rambunctious side– mooing frequently in an almost threatening manner. Fortunately there were no injuries, and a good time was had by all.  And what did we do after the show? Well, we put stuff back in the van!

Ah, the romance of the Canadian entertainment business. But it gets better! The next day we got up early and drove all the way to Moose Jaw! Now, one of the perks of being in a touring musical comedy act is that you get to see the beauty of Canada over and over and over and over again. But because we’re so nice, were going to share some of this with you; here’s what we saw out the window:

Quite the view.

We were playing at the lovely Mae Wilson Theatre, in Moose Jaw, and strode purposefully toward it.

This show was also an astounding success. The audience especially seemed to enjoy Mike’s repeated mentions of a place called Walrus Nostril.  (Unfortunately, Walrus Nostril only exists inside Mike’s brain—a place you don’t want to visit.)

Then it was off to Regina, where we performed at the Casino, which only seems fitting since seeing one of our shows is always a gamble. We forgot to take any good pictures there, so instead please enjoy a photo of Trevor’s feet taken from a not-entirely-pleasing perspective.

And now, it’s off to Lloydminster, the city so great that one province isn’t big enough for it!

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