Lloydminster, Forestburg

It was with great excitement that we drove to Lloydminster, the city that spans two provinces (Alberta and Saskatchewan, if you don’t already know). This was our second time performing at the Vic Juba Community Theatre, which we’re pretty sure is on the Alberta side.

Now, a lot of people say to us, “You guys must be CRAZY on the road!”, (yes they say “crazy” all in capitals) and the answer is, of course we are. We are crazy from the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep (IF we go to sleep, that is). You want evidence? Well, here’s a picture of Mike and Chris going CRAZY backstage.

Non-stop party, that’s what we are.

The show in Lloydminster was well-received by audience members from both provinces.

The next morning we gathered our things and went off to Forestburg, Alberta. We stayed at the Forestburg Motor Inn whichwas one of the sponsors of the show. So to make sure they get enough publicity here’s  a picture of Chris in the parking lot.

Spring’s still a long way off in Alberta.  At the end of the show that night there was a special treat. Two very nice fans of ours brought in a cake to help us celebrate out 20 years of doing whatever it is that we do.

Sorry, it’s all gone!

We might try to go on for 20 more years now, just to get another cake.

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  1. Hey guys!

    Thanks for the mention and photo! We loved having you here and my daughter who lives in Edmonton couldn’t make it to your sold out concert but had friends who went…Here’s what she had to say…

    “Hey mum,

    Friends just came back from the Arrogant Worms show up here.
    Apparently a sold out crowd. I’m telling you, they’re really loved
    here…Too bad I didn’t think to get an autographed picture. =p”

    Anytime you want to come back and play some golf (and sing a few tunes) we would love to have you back!

    Stay safe!

    Maria Miccoli
    Forestburg Motor Inn

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