Lake Country and Merritt, BC

Sorry it’s taken so long for this entry.  We got back from our tour and went into hibernation for a few days.

We awoke very early in Courtenay and drove to Nanaimo to catch the ferry back to the mainland.  Then we drove like fools up through the mountains and past Kelowna to Lake Country.  Luckily the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony was on TV because that’s about all we could have handled after such travel.  We have been to the Creekside Theatre in Lake Country, BC a number of times before and the crowd is always fun.  They were on top of their game again this year.  Plenty of weirdness during the Mounted Animal Nature Trail.  Like really weird.  Well done!!

Then we backtracked the next day for our first ever show in Merritt.  We have driven past this town many many many times in our 20 years but have never done a show.  One could say that all previous tours were without Merritt.  Ahem.   The walls of downtown Merritt are adorned with murals of country music stars of past and present.  So we sang as many country songs as we could in our show in hopes that one day we might get a mural.  They’ll get back to us on that.  20 years was worth the wait though as the good people of Merritt made us feel very welcome and good times were had by most.

The next day was going home day.  Chris and Trevor drove back to Kelowna to fly home and Mike drove back to Vancouver.  Now we are home and we are pleased.  A great tour in great towns for great fans.  Thanks for being there with us.

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    BTW you guys rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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