Kingston (first show of the 20th anniversary tour)

The 20th anniversary tour has begun! Yes, it’s been 20 years since the birth of the Arrogant Worms and we started the tour where it all began–in Kingston, Ontario.

Spirits were high as we got ready to celebrate our dubious accomplishment and, even with a snowstorm outside, the people came. As part of the 20th anniversary tour we’ve decided to perform songs that dropped off the set list years ago. The ones we played that night were “History is Made by Stupid People” and “Carfull of Pain”. Both went off without a hitch, except for Trevor savoring his harmonica solo in Carfull perhaps a bit too much.

But the highlight of the show was the appearance of the original line-up back on stage for the first time in… in… well, we don’t know exactly, but it’s been a while. Yes, John Whytock and Steve Wood, members of the original four (the trading cards from this year are very valuable now) jumped up on stage and magic ensued. It was as if time had stood still (except for the whole “looking old” thing) as John sang “Don’t Go Into Politics” while Steve thwapped joyfully on the bass. Curiously, neither of them asked to re-join the group afterwards.

Where does the tour go next? Good question. First we’re taking a couple of weeks off to recover from all the excitement of the Kingston show, but then we’re playing almost all of Western Canada, starting in Winnipeg and going all the way to Vancouver Island. Also, our new album Hindsight 20/20 (well, not exactly “new” it is a Best Of, after all–although it does have a funky re-mix of the Last Saskatchewan Pirate) is now in stores. If you can find a music store, that is. If not, it’s also on iTunes and

We hope to see you on the road!

Oh, here’s a picture of the Arrogant Worms 20 years ago!

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  1. The 20’th anniversary tour had a great beginning. T is currently a student in the ACE program at Queens and commented about usually being in the auditorium for lectures. He thought maybe he should be doing a 1-hour power point. Thankfully he did not.
    The music started, per usual, with Beaver, Mime, and Rocks. Then the set broke form and flashed deep to the past with ‘History was made by stupid people’ T next started his usual banter for Rippy but Chris got a slight static shock from his mic (with sneakers and wood floors no less). Much banter ensued, Mike was irrepressible with electric jokes about static man. T finally got control after several ‘I’m moving on’s’ and Rippy proceeded without further incident. Mike’s enthusiasm and joyful noise continued for the rest of the set. Rippy was followed by Twins, Pressure Washer, and Prime Minister before ending with a rollicking Wolfe Island.
    If the first set was a ton of fun and a step above the usual especially with ‘history’. The second set kicked butt. It started with a brass duet by Mike on trombone and a mystery man (turned out to be John) on trumpet (cornet?). Go figure. They did a modification of the ‘overture’ to 3 worms and an orchestra including Manager, Cow, and Banker (I think). Amazing. A bit shaky at first but silky by the end. Must have taken a fair bit of work to arrange the orchestral score for a brass duet but a perfect opening to the second set. Really set the tone, daring and playful, past and present. Way to go.
    The rest of the set took over with ‘Carrot Juice’, Blah (they nailed the fugue), Carfull of Pain, Uncle Lou, Bob, Login 2U, and Cow. Worms were full steam ahead and audience was rolling in the aisles as the penultimate song came. That’s when the lost founder worms arrived – Steve and John. An updated ‘Don’t go into Politics’ was frenetic with tongue twisting lyrics perfectly done by John and a fantastic bass by Steve. The rap was priceless, not a missed syllable, not a missed beat, not a missed note. And the 5 of them on stage were beaming with every falsetto ‘dead’. The sound and energy continued to the last song ‘Pirate’ again with all 5 on stage. Steve and Mike were jamming, John was on accordion, Trevor and Chris kept the lyrics flowing. This was Worms at their best. Fresh after 20 years. Funny after 20 years. Full of life and lunacy and lyrics.

  2. I was listening to my ipod while I was walking, and singing, and “arrgghh-ing” around the block and decided to check in on The Arrogant Worms when I got home. I can’t believe I missed this show!! Yes, it would require hours of travel but would have been SO worth it. I saw one show with my big kid, and my little kid is almost old enough…will pay closer attention this time!! Congrats on 20 years!!

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