Toronto, ON

Well there’s nothing like a big finish.  We had a fantastic time at Hugh’s Room in Toronto for our last show of the year.  The crowd was in a great mood and we didn’t even ruin it for them.  We even saw some Christmas sweaters!  This was the closest to Christmas we’ve ever done a show here and the festive spirit was electric.  Most people had finished their shopping but for those who hadn’t, there was a table covered in our CDs blocking the exit door.  The show made equal fun of Santa and Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford who is considering cancelling Christmas dinner next year because of excess gravy.  It was a really fun night and our 21st show at this great Toronto venue.

Now our attention is on the full release of Hindsight 20/20 and a spring tour.  Check out for tour dates.  More will be added soon.  Hope to see you out there somewhere.    Happy New Year!!!

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