Port Perry, ON

After waking up in Oswego (great TV movie starring Jamie Farr by the way), we were on our way back home to warm and sunny Canada.  Well that was true until we reached Oshawa on the way to Port Perry.  Then things got a bit slippery.

After some white-knuckle driving we were all safe and sound in the beautiful winter wonderland of Port Perry.   After a quick soundcheck we went off to pub for dinner featuring large portions.  Chris came up with a new dish by combining his chili and perogies to form chilogies.   A dazzling combination of flavours.  This was our third visit to the fine Town Hall theatre and sadly the weather did prevent some of our audience from attending.  The hearty souls who were there were awesome and we had a great night.  Maybe we’ll try to come back when it’s nice out.  Just a thought.

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