Oswego, NY

Oswego is one of those towns in the great United States where we keep getting invited back.  Which is great because it’s way closer than, say, Phoenix – where we’ve never been.  So a return to Oswego was greeted with gusto by your Arrogant Worms.  We arrived in town a little early and checked in to our hotel to find a drop box for Toys for Tots.  How nice.

After our lesson in gift-giving, we were off to our big show at the Oswego Music Hall, a fine old building on the banks of Lake Ontario.   Our dressing room usually houses a lot of bridge players so the party atmosphere was pungent.  The show itself was a lot of fun.  Somehow Mike actually picked a “water” boy who worked at the town’s waterworks.  Hilarity ensued.  The biggest laugh of the night belonged a kid who outed his Mom who was in charge of the fine baked goods they sold at intermission.  It was revealed to the capacity crowd that she bought a pie instead of baked it.  One lump of coal is in that kid’s future.  Lots of fun throughout the show talking about Christmas and just generally rocking them senseless.  Thanks, Oswego.  We await the next invitation.

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  1. play list: beaver, mime, rocks, xmas cake, rippy, login, cow, xmas blues, wolfe island; intermission; santa kick, veggies, my boy, box, santa arrested, lou, mt animal, celine, pirate; encore: bob

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