Mississauga, ON

How nice to be back in Mississauga!  We have played the Living Arts Centre a few times now and it is always fun.  We even had a Christmas condo (tree) beside the stage to add to the festive frivolity.  The show was a lot of fun.  We are really enjoying playing the songs from Christmas Turkey.  We really should sing them all year long.  Seems such a shame to limit them to December. As fun as the show was, the ultimate highlight came at intermission when we had a visitor to our greenroom.  We don`t get a lot of celebrities popping in so you can image our excitement when Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga came in.  For those of you who don`t know, she is 89 years old and has held the office for over 32 years.  They call her `Hurricane Hazel`. She`s been on Regis and Kelly.  That`s how big she is!!   She just kind of wandered into the greenroom and asked us who we were.  We told her, she laughed and she left to go back to the Christmas carol show in the other theatre. Regis and Kelly!  C`mon!

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