Hamilton, ON

Hamilton.  The Hammer.  Steeltown.  Home town of Mike McCormick.  And we thought meeting the Mayor of Mississauga was cool.  This is Mike`s town.  He knows these streets like Springsteen knows the streets of Freehold, NJ.  Well sort of.  You see a lot of them used to be one-way streets and now they aren`t and Mike doesn`t like change so the drive in was a little harrowing.  Once there, it was his show.  In the same building was The Nutcracker but we usually don`t draw the same audience.  In fact we had an empty table right in front of Trevor.  Just four empty chairs staring him in the face. The theatre wasn`t anything like the picture but just image the front centre section empty for a show and you`ll know how Trevor felt.  Those seats didn`t stay empty long though as some intrepid fellows saw an opportunity and took their new seats.  Trevor even joined them while Chris sang Dad Threw Up on Christmas Day.  He made some new friends.  That’s what Christmas is all about!  The rest of the show was just about Mike and his failing memory of his Hamilton childhood.  Good times?

PS:  There won’t be about a post about the show in Alliston on December 16th because the show has been postponed to May.  It’s a weather thing and we hope there won’t be several feet of snow there in May.

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