Cayuga, ON

Every once in a while we get to play somewhere completely new to us.  Cayuga is one of those places.  For another first, we were playing our first birding festival.  Life is full of new and fun adventures.  We had a great time, though Mike and Trevor had some trouble getting there with what Toronto traffic reporters were calling “a pretty bad day out there.”

Once we were all present, we did a sound check with our intrepid soundguy Brian and then went off to a wonderful dinner at The Twisted Lemon in Cayuga.  Then it was time for the big show at 7pm.  We love early starts.  The birders were a great crowd and sat in a V formation which was a little odd.  If the first person laughed or clapped then everyone followed suit.  Luckily that first person was really into it!   There were vacationing Australians in the audience who were likely still a bit jetlagged.  Add in our wacky accents and it makes for a confusing evening.  We think they liked it though.

We finished big and got free t-shirts at the end of the show.  We got paid with money too.  It was a big day.  Worms and birders – not as scary as one might think.

PS:  On a side note, The Arrogant Worms are now forever linked to Pink Floyd.  On Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, Chris took a choir from The Regent Park School of Music to the Air Canada Centre to sing Another Brick in the Wall with Roger Waters.  He recreated the entire Pink Floyd album and it was a huge thrill for the kids and for Chris to be part of something so awesome.  Mr. Waters was pretty impressed about the Worm thing too, we’re sure.

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  1. Hey guys, I was just in Prince George on the weekend and noticed you will be there March 15, 2011. so I jumped on ticketmaster and you will be in Alberta before the PG date. Could we ask you to look at an afternoon in Dawson Creek BC, say Saturday, march 12th, an afternoon concert at oh say the Unchaga hall. I have a bunch of kids that would love to see you, but evening concerts are hard because of the distance we have to travel.

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