Musikfest: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

We’re not certain how many times we’ve performed at Musikfest, but we sure do love going back there.  At Musikfest there are eight stages going all day long with all sorts of music.  Our first show was at Liederplatz (there’s a bit of a German theme at the festival so instead of calling it a stage they call it a “platz” which we assume means something similar, but could mean “mongoose” for all we know) which is where we perform every year, although it’s never been the same since the large protective hedge disappeared. It was wet and drizzly so there weren’t as many people as usual, but the ones who were there were the truly dedicated. There was even one furry young man who did some impressive head-banging to our songs–even the slow ones. He also head-banged during some of our banter. In his mind he might have been at another show.

At Musikfest there are also lots of places to eat and drink. Most of the food is meat. Here is Chris with his. The piece of bread at the end is to make sure you don’t poke anyone’s eye out.

Chris eat meat

The next day we performed at The Morning Call Plaza Tropical, which we called “Tropical Platz.” What made it so tropical? Well, there were two plastic Palm trees on the stage that lit up! Yes, the rare Pennsyvania Palm! The audience was loud, appreciative and sweaty (it was a little humid) and a good time was had by all.

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