Hugh’s Room, Toronto

Another fun show at Hugh’s Room in Toronto just occurred on Sunday night.  We found out just before we went on that it was our 20th show at this great venue.  Zoiks!  That seems excessive.  And we are entering our 20th year as a band too.  We are a bit freaked out to say the least.  Try and think of anything that you’ve done 20 times.  Okay, maybe don’t.

The audience was primed for fun and we’re pretty sure fun happened.  It was a pretty loose show.  Many references were made to the area around Hugh’s Room which is under major construction right now.  There is a large moat dug in the middle of the street so attendance was a bonus.  And most highways into Toronto were closed for maintenance.  It’s still okay to blame the G20 for everything –  not to worry.

Mike was a Toronto tourist for a couple of days with visits to the Bowmanville Zoo, the Harry Potter exhibit at the Science Centre and the CN Tower.

Not sure if he bought this puzzle or not.  But he was puzzled during the show as he forgot the beginning of the second verse of I Ran Away.  Chris noticed Mike’s pained expression of confusion and enjoyed it for a while before rescuing him with the correct lyric.  The hilarity continued as Chris and Trevor looked back on 20 shows and Mike wasn’t able to.  In fact, he may have forgotten this one already.

It was good times all around though and we love coming back to Hugh’s Room.  Everyone there is great to work with and they have been kind enough to ask us back for our 21st show on December 22nd.  You should come.  The Christmas spirit will be nearly sapped from your soul already so you’ll be in good company.

And speaking of Christmas, next stop Bethlehem.

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