Stewart Park Festival, Perth

Sorry for the delay but it took a while to process all the fun we had in Perth.  Most of you don’t know how big that statement is.  Many many many years ago, Perth was the scene of perhaps one of our most poorly-enjoyed show.  There were many people in our audience who weren’t really ready for our musical comedy assault on the senses and just as many of them didn’t like that we started with Jesus’ Brother Bob.  That was our error.  However, there were plenty of good seats available after intermission for the people who enjoyed it.

The Stewart Park Festival wipes away any bad memories though because it is awesome.  It’s a fairly small festival but it feels big because the crew, the volunteers and the audience are so great.  We had a very fun mainstage on Friday evening.  It was hot, hot, hot.  Chris bravely went with the sweater vest, honouring his commitment to 1985.

You can kind of see some foliage in front of the stage in that photo.  There were giant potted plants and flowers to protect us from people rushing the stage.  Perennials of doom!  It was a fun set that Mike was better dressed for in shorts and t-shirt.

Trevor also went with long sleeves so he wouldn’t scare the Perth-erts with his huge pipes.  He decided to scare them with his face instead.

All the photos by the way are by Greg Scace.  Thanks, Greg.

We also did an after-hours show at the Legion on Friday which was fun and racy.  Okay, just fun.  Saturday was a late morning workshop called This Might Get Loud with our good friends James Keelaghan and Suzie Vinnick.  It got a bit loud.  Sunday was a kids concert by Chris and then that was a wrap on Perth.  Thanks to everyone for being there and celebrating the 20th year of the festival.

Next stop is Hugh’s Room in Toronto followed by Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA where beer and strudel are the food groups.

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  1. Oh, I’m so glad you got redemption! Well done, Perth!

    Catching up online today. Thanks for all the updates!

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