Stanfest! Canso, Nova Scotia

Our first big festival of the summer was Stanfest in lovely Canso, Nova Scotia. One of the great things about this festival is that the people attending it don’t just happen to be passing by, no, they are committed to getting there. Perhaps a map would be helpful.

It’s the “A” is Canso. If you drive past it the next stop is Europe.

Our first show was a workshop called “On the Lighter Side”, which was really too bad because we had a lot of dark introspective songs that we wanted to try out.  One of the other performers doing the workshop was none other than Jimmy Flynn. Here is a picture of Chris and him together to show that we’re not just making stuff up.

Of course there were many wonderful acts there, including recent Juno award winners the Good Lovelies, who were good and lovely enough to be seen in public with us even though we have never won a Juno. Or been nominated. Or were ever even invited to any of the parties.

Well, it’s a picture of them with Chris anyway. And Mike’s disembodied hand.  The hand has a solo album coming out in the fall.

That night we had our big main stage show. For some reason most of our stage banter revolved around the saying “Bum Spuds.” It may seem kind of weird now, but trust us, it was hilarious at the time. Bum Spuds. See, funnier already. Bum Spuds.

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  1. yep, the 3 pm ‘up close with the arrogant worms’ was especially wonderful !

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