Canterbury Folk Fest, Ingersoll

We had never been to the Canterbury Folk Festival before, which was really too bad because it was delightful. A completely free event (which made it easy for us to give people their money’s worth) in a lovely park, with an enthusiastic bunch of volunteers. How enthusiastic?

Can’t miss them! We had an early workshop in the sweltering heat, where we got to meet JP Hoe a talented singer/songwriter from Winnipeg.

That’s Mike talking to him. Mike is always stylish no matter what the season!  I think JP thinks Mike’s going to try to steal one of his water bottles.

There were several thousand people present for our mainstage performance where, at one point, Chris mentioned the “Chips on a Stick” that were available at the festival. Trevor misheard this as “Chimps on a Stick” and much hilarity and repetition ensued. This seems to be our summer of potato-based humour.

Join us next weekend in Perth for the Stewart Park Festival!

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  1. Would have really like to see you live again, however had to go to work :}

    Picked up your DVD and a couple of CD’s too…very hard to find at a store !

    Please come back again….

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