The last show of our Alberta  tour was in Winnipeg. Winnipeg, of course, in not in Alberta and that meant that we had to fly there. So we did. We landed at the airport and got our stuff. Here is Mike pushing his luggage on his way to get the rental car.

Touring is exciting!

It had been seven years since our last concert in town… although we’re not exactly sure why it took us so long to go back. But, then again, we’re not exactly sure about a lot of things.

We were playing the West End Cultural Centre, a place we’d performed at many times in the past, but as we tried to pull into the alley we always took into the parking lot we were surprised to discover that it had been replaced by a building. A building which was, in fact, the West End Cultural Centre–in the intervening years it had grown to twice its former size! (We worms, however, had only grown five or ten pounds each in the same period.)

The entire back half was new!

Seeing how we had been away for so long we had no idea if anyone would remember us. But they did! The place was sold out, and the audience sang along to almost all the songs. At the end of the show we met some of the fine people of Winnipeg who look very much like this:

Another tour over, we packed our bags and headed home.

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  1. Amazing concert guys! Hey Mike, thanks for the guitar pick! Hope you’re feeling better, would have loved to have gotten to meet you with the rest of the guys. Perfect setlist! Peter the Postage Stamp was something else… ha ha!

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