Spruce Grove X 3

Our next stop was in Spruce Grove where we were playing Horizon Stage for not one, not two, but THREE shows. We had a Friday night, a Saturday afternoon, and a Saturday night show. Yah, we’re pretty big in The Grove.

We’d played Horizon Stage many times before, but this was by far the most recent. Here is a picture of the place to help your visualizations:

Fortunately, this shot was not taken during one of the shows. During the show the seats were full of people (and perhaps a couple of animals).  All the concerts went super-great, although our shouts of “You want to party all afternoon, don’t ya!” at the early show fell a little flat.

As always, we were treated well, with a lovely basket of fruit awaiting us backstage:

Look it has three different kinds of apples! (Can you guess them all?)
At the end of the last show we were pretty darn tired. After all, we usually only work an hour or two a month! Fortunately at the end of our little meet and greet after the last show we were given a box of homemade worm cookies.

We gobbled them up, only later did we realize that this might have been a cannibalistic act.

And now…. Winnipeg!

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