Daysland, Alberta

The first day of our western tour was in Daysland, Alberta. “Where is Daysland?”  Well, it’s right here:

Yup, between Bawlf and Strome on highway 13, of course!

We were playing at the community centre. Here is a picture showing you exactly what it looked like:

Of course, this was taken right after soundcheck. By the time we went on the place was packed! And it was hot! So hot that the door had to be left open. And, at one point, Mike had to go to the door and kick out a little mouse that was trying to get in. Sorry, but you have to have a ticket!

The show was a whole lot of fun, especially since we made sure to say Bawlf as often as we could. And wouldn’t you know it? The mayor of Bawlf just happened to be there and gave Mike a little pin with Bawlf written on it. Now Bawlf will always be close to Mike’s heart.

After the show we went to sleep. That was fun! And after that we woke up. And then do you know what we did? We drove to our next show–which was all of two blocks away. Yes, a second show in Daysland!  Not even U2 has managed to do this! This time we were playing at the theatre. Here is a picture of Mike and Chris entering it:

What a magical moment! But there was more magic to come, as this was a special morning show for the local students who were bussed in from near and far. Some came as far away as Bawlf!  Sure, 10:30 in the morning’s a little early to be performing, but it was worth it to help the kids become more better edubecated. And there was popcorn.

The show was a great success, with Chris’ dance moves being particularly appreciated. Then the buses came and whisked them all away. And we, once again, pushed on. This time towards Airdrie.

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