We were very much looking forward to our first show ever in Airdrie. We had driven through many times (and had even stopped for coffee once or twice) but this was our first time actually performing there. We were playing at the Bert Church Theatre which, surprisingly enough, wasn’t in a church.  We didn’t meet anyone called Bert, either. The theatre was actually part of a school. And our dressing room was the cosmetology class.

It was fabulous!

We dropped off our stuff, did the soundcheck, and then had dinner at Peppercorns which sponsors the shows at the theatre. The food was delightful and plentiful.

Trevor had the ravioli. After dinner we waddled back to the theatre where we performed to a sold out audience!  At intermission, Trevor took some time to touch up his hair.

There was an awkward moment after the rinse when he wasn’t sure whether or not to tip himself.

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  1. You guys were awesome! Although it was sad to not hear the hockey song 🙁 A whole new level of humour to have all your bantering between (and in the middle) of songs. Come back soon!
    PS~ Thanks for linking the local venues! Have you figured out what CrossIron actually is yet?

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