Saint John

We were very excited to begin our tour of the Maritimes. The first show was in Saint John and the last show was in Saint John. There was only one show. We decided not to make a tour T-shirt.

We were playing at the lovely Imperial Theatre. Here’s a picture to prove it.

See, they even put us on the marquee.

We had played the theatre before, the last time being six or seven or eight or nine or some other numbers of years ago. The Imperial Theatre is an historic theatre which had only grown more historic with the passage of time since our last performance there. How can you tell it’s historical? Well, it has a plaque:

You can’t argue with that.

The staff was very nice and the backstage food trays were superb:

The wine glasses for the toasted nuts was a delightful touch.  None of us had any of the dip, so if you’re passing by you’re welcome to it.

We played to a sizable audience (in numbers, the individual crowd members were of average mass) and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. We were sad to see the tour end. But it was also nice to get back home after so long away.

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