After a few short flights we were in Victoria. It was sunny and warm and, as we drove into town from the airport, we passed a convertible with its top down.  We all agreed that out of respect for other Canadians—who have to go through something called “winter” – people in B.C. shouldn’t be allowed to engage in this sort of behaviour until at least April.

We got to the venue and met Matt Laundrie, the best-dressed promoter in the business.

A dapper man, if ever there was. Matt likes Hawaii… could you guess?

Matt helped us bring in all the cds we send ahead. Here is Trevor sitting amongst the boxes balancing  a water bottle on his head. This is how he prepares for the show.

So many talents!

Oh, and the  show went super-well. We even sang “Proud to Be Canadian”(which we haven’t performed in about seven years)and remembered almost all the words! Good for us.

Next up: Duncan.

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  1. Play list for Victoria: We are the beaver, new car smell, rocks and trees, big box store, proud to be canadian (with special olympic verses), i ran away, hollywood girls, go to sleep little leach, let’s go bowling .. intermission .. carrot juice is murder, mixed messages, canada rules the world (T solo using M’s guitar), uncle lou, malcolm, login 2U, i am cow, mounted animal nature trail, celine, sask pirate .. encore jesus brother bob

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