We flew back to Ontario and landed in Toronto where we had a night off. Did we party? Of course not. We just slept.

Then next day, we headed off to Stouffville, which is a little north-east of Toronto. We got in the rental car and drove as fast as we could!

Sometimes we were going as fast as 15km an hour! Man, there’s a lot of people in Toronto. Slowly, ever so slowly, we inched our way towards our destination. As we got out of the city, traffic finally picked up–which was obviously too much for some people to handle.

“Is this where we park?”

We finally made it to the theatre and gave the show of our lives! Or, at least the show of our day. There were even fans who came all the way from Sarnia (which rhymes with Narnia for obvious reasons) who sat up front and had their own choreography for almost all of our songs.

The End (of the tour)

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  1. Hey! That’s us–we’re from Narnia. 🙂 That was the best show of our lives! It’s Saturday night, and we’re still on a high. We’re glad you liked our choreography–yours was pretty okay too. You guys are amazing and hilarious–definitely the highlight of our life (cause, yes, we’re that dorky). Thank you for rocking our worlds.

    Give peas a chance!

    –Liz and Meg

  2. i think your jokes and songs are rilley funny so i just hade to right you so i hope that you will email or come near ottawa

  3. Haha! That WAS Elizafish. She told me all about it. 😀 You guys should play at Bayfest in Narnia, it would be so funny!

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