After the great success of Maple Ridge it was once again time to wait for the ferry. And wait we did! We waited like no one has ever waited before!

Then, next thing you know, we were on the ferry making our way to the Sunshine Coast. Here is a picture of Trevor on the ferry with the hideous BC landscape behind him.

Man, who’d want to live there. Especially because it’s February and green and sunny and nice. Real Canadians are freezing, covered in snow, and cursing while they shovel. It is unthinkable why anyone would ever give that up.

We got off the ferry, went to the motel and checked in. Here is the sign in case you would like to stay there yourself.

Yes, one day we’ll have to upgrade from this cellphone camera…

We went to the Raven’s Cry theatre where we were greeted, once again, by Matt Laundrie of High Tide Entertainment. He was in a more subdued mood than before as you can tell by his shirt.

The show was delightful and the audience was well-behaved for a change. The highlight occurred at the encore when some children requested the “Pressure Washer” song—because all children love pressure washers. As soon as the song started they got up and danced, other children joined them, and soon there was the most adorable mosh pit you ever saw at the front of the stage. And, yes, Pressure Washer will be on the next mini-pops album.

After the show we signed cds and met the cute children who requested the song.

Tomorrow we conquer another province as we go to Camrose, Alberta.

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  1. Thank you so much for the great evening! The Little Dancers say “I love you” but also wanted to let you know that the DVD drive in their pressure washer does not work so well when wet. Do you have any suggestions on quick repairs?

    The Bell Family

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