Maple Ridge

We left Campbell River and made our way to Maple Ridge. After a close vote we decided to take the ferry instead of attempting to jump over the water separating Vancouver Island from the mainland.  Of course, the best thing about ferries is waiting to get on them.  Here is Chris doing just that.

Once the waiting was over, we boarded the ferry, disembarked on the mainland, and drove all the way to Maple Ridge where we were staying at the lovely Penelope B&B.

Before the show we were lucky enough to have dinner with our good friend Tim Readman.  Here is Chris talking to him.

Actually, Chris is shoving food in his mouth. But there was much conversation.

Then it was time for the show! And this show was all Mike… at least as far as the audience was concerned. They shouted out things like “Mike!” and “Hey, Mike!” and “Mike! Mike! Mike!” Then one guy shouted, “I want your babies, Mike!”which, it must be said, was a rather awkward moment.

After the show we went out to sign cd’s, but little did we know that to get there we would have to go through the corridor of doom that led from backstage.


What will tomorrow bring? Another ferry ride and a show in Sechelt on the sunshine coast.

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  1. HEY! I was at that show, it was awesome! Thanks for the encore song also… Mike… YAY a new signed album (tor*p!d) Thank you!

    Rock on!
    A fan from vancouver

  2. We DO love Mike in Maple Ridge! Maybe he could move here and all the other Mike’s could leave. Would have loved to hear “Canada’s Really Big”. Don’t wait another five years to come back. Trees and Rocks! Trees and Rocks! and no snow….

  3. Awww… reminds me of… the Wolfe Island Ferry!

    Thanks for continuing to update the blog.

  4. here’s the play list for maple ridge:
    We are the Beaver, Mime Abduction, Rocks and Trees, Big Box Store, I ran away, Hollywood girls, Pressure washer, Login2U, I am cow, If I were prime minister … intermission … Carrot juice is murder, Canada rules the world (sung by all), Mixed messages (aka my boy), Uncle Lou (scary how perfect an Uncle Lou Trevor is), Johnny came home headless, Malcolm, Proud to be Canadian (olympic version), Mounted animal nature trail, Celine Dion, Sask pirate … encore: I pulled my groin (mike solo)

  5. Okay, so I stumbled upon you guys when you did a show at Canadian Bible College in Regina sometime in the 2001/2002 schoolyear. I’m from M.R., but now live in Hamilton – had no idea you were there, that’s awesome! I’m so looking forward to you guys coming to town on Dec. 11!!

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