After getting our beauty sleep, it was time to move on. Unfortunately, once we added our baggage to the overly optomistic amount of merch we’d just got, it was hard to see how it would all fit in the car. At times like this, Chris and Trevor step back and let Mike do what he does best: make stuff fit.

If trunk-stuffing was an Olympic sport (which it should be) Mike would get a gold. Own the Podium, Mike! I Believe!

The previous night, a nice young man with a mohawk haircut asked us to sign his head. He also invited us to have FREE FOOD at his parents’ restaurant that was on the way to Duncan. Not wanting to be rude (and always hungry) we pulled up to the Village Chippery in Shawnigan and proceeded to stuff ourselves with light, nutritious food.

“Yum, Yum!” says Trevor.

“I am certainly enjoying this delicious meal!” says Mike.

With stomachs working overtime we returned to the car and drove on to Duncan. We were very excited because the theatre we were playing at was part of the complex that has the world’s largest hockey stick on it! Just look at it!

Okay, so it looks small in the picture, but if you were right there you’d see that it’s super-big!

How did the show go? We’re glad you asked. The people of Duncan were very communicative, often asking us questions before, after, and during songs. At times it felt a bit like an Oprah show (or maybe Jerry Springer). We aswered all the questions we could and forwarded the rest to our lawyer.

What’s up next?  Campbell River!

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  1. playlist for Duncan: We are the beaver, mime abduction, rocks and trees, big box store, rippy the gator, login2U, i am cow, if i were prime minister .. intermission .. carrot juice is murder, mixed messages, cellphone vigilante, proud to be canadian (special olymic edition), jesus’ brother bob, uncle lou, mounted animal nature trail, celine dion, last sask pirate

  2. H-Hey! It was my head you signed, but I don’t have a Mohawk! It’s only the one half that’s shaved (because my barber’s only got one arm).

    But everybody at the chippery was thrilled you came by, and we hope you enjoyed your meal!

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