We woke up bright eyed and bushy-tailed at 5am so we could catch the ferry to the mainland. Excited to be up so early and grateful to see a part of the day few seldom witness we drove to the ferry dock singing jolly, happy tunes and smiling vigorously.

Once again we waited at the ferry dock. Only this time in the dark!

What fun!

Then it was on to the ferry, off to the airport, returning the rental car, checking in, going through security, waiting for the plane, boarding the plane, sitting on the plane–and finally!–getting off the plane. Touring is exciting! Here is Chris excitedly waiting for his luggage.

We got a new rental car (with a bigger trunk!) and drove off to Camrose. I bet you’re wondering what that looked like. Well, turn off your imagination because here’s a picture:

Notice something different from BC? Snow! Lots and lots of snow. In Alberta they still think it’s winter. Silly Alberta.

After our thrilling day of travel we finally did our show at the Augustana Campus of the U of Alberta. It went swell, and we made jokes about talking books, the winter Olympics, and all sorts of other funny stuff. Because we were in a centre of higher learning Trevor even mentioned Plato in a joke (that wasn’t all that funny as it turned out.)

Tomorrow is a day off, and then we end our western tour in Stouffville, Ontario… which is actually pretty far to the east.

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  1. Will you be releasing a revised version of “Rocks and Trees” to reflect the 2010 Winter Olympics?

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