Campbell River

We drove up the coast to Campbell River. We had played there before… but we couldn’t remember when. We pulled into the hotel and checked in. It’s then we noticed it: the captain’s wheel! The hotel was on the waterfront and, apparently, in emergencies it has the ability to sail. Chris quickly took the wheel in his hands.

“Aye, Aye, Captain Chris!”

Unfortunately, the wheel did nothing. And besides, all Chris could see out the window was a parking lot.

We went to the theatre for the big show. Fortunately it was easy to find as it is painted a noticeable colour.

Yup, you can’t miss that.

We went backstage to get ready. There was a piano there, and Mike began to play.

The music was deep and haunting… much like the look on his face.

Soon it was showtime! It was a good-sized crowd (and by that we mean there were a lot of people, not that they were big people) and, as with all our B.C. shows, they were very interested in talking–not as much as in Duncan, mind you.  One thing we learned from them was that Campbell River is where they first invented cows… or something like that… it didn’t make sense then and it still doesn’t now.

We have discovered much on our tour so far, and hope to discover even more tomorrow when we perform in Maple Ridge.

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  1. playlist for Campbell River: songs as in Victoria except no new car smell and included prime minister: in order they are: we are the beaver, mime abduction, rocks and trees, big box store, hollywood girls, mounted animal nature trail, login2U, i am cow, if i were prime minister .. intermission .. carrot juice is murder, when canada rules the world, mixed messages, go to sleep little leech, uncle lou, malcolm, proud to be canadian (olympic version), I ran away, celine dion, sask pirate .. encore jesus’brother bob

  2. Really enjoyed the Campbell River concert but sheesh-had to drive from Courtney. So happy to ge one of my favourites-Log Into You. I wrote a note and requested it at the last Courtney show. Guess I’m never gonna hear my other fav, Irritable Bowel Syndrome at a concert anytime soon. Come back to Courtney-no crazy cow people there. And here I thought Campbell River was famous for fishing. What do I know.

    Love you guys.

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