Big in Finland!

It happened like this: Trevor wrote a song (as part of his custom song business) for a Finnish fan who thought it’d be fun to have a tune in honour of the Finnish Olympic hockey team.  He got some information from the guy on Finnish hockey, recorded the song, sent off the mp3, and went back to his boring and tedious life thinking no more of it…  until, all of a sudden, he started getting all sorts of messages on his website from Finland.

It turns out that “Finland, Finland, Greatest Hockey Power” was posted on YouTube and had amassed 20 000 hits in under a week. Then an article was written about it in Finland’s largest newspaper! (You can click here to see the article, but unless you can read Finnish you might be a little lost.)

It’s a strange world out there.

finland flag

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  1. Dude. I so didn’t know about the custom song writing biz. I just might have to take advantage of that. Too cool! And this Finland thing? Awesome. Behold the power of viral marketing!

    (Incidentally, I’m a Worms fan because of a random vid I saw online years ago.)

  2. This would therefore make Trevor the “Neil Peart of Finland”. By the album and you’ll get Trevor’s 30 minute version of the song on side 1.

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