Cambridge, MA, USA

We loaded up the wormobile and headed off to the USA. After a lovely time at the border crossing answering questions and giving fingerprints we were in the foreign land. The drive was delightfully uneventful, and the three coffee stops we made were quick and efficient. Our destination was Club Passim, a folk club that’s been going for fifty-one years that is located in the heart of Harvard. We felt smarter and more privileged just being there.

We parked the car in Harvard yard, entered the club and did a quick soundcheck (where we desperately tried to remember how our Christmas songs went). There was a major change at Club Passim since our last visit there two years ago: now you could buy booze!  This bode well for the show as our performance always go over better when the audience’s judgement is impaired.

The show was a delight, although the crowd was a little on the jaded and responded to our enthusiastic cries of “Christmas is just around the corner!” with stony silence.  Strangely enough, however, we sold lots of Christmas albums.

As it has been awhile since our last gig, our tour reflexes were a little off and we completely forgot to take any pictures of the show. Fortunately the friends we are staying with have a cute dog. Look:

cute dog


Good dog.

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