It was nice to get back to the Cornwall. The last time we’d played there was… was… hey, we’ve never played Cornwall before! We did stop there for lunch once about fourteen years ago. Needless to say (but still, say it we shall) after eighteen years of touring Canada it’s a pretty rare for us to find a town we haven’t played in before. (Not like Cornwall was hiding, or anything.)

We were very excited to get there, and also a little hungry. Chris was glad to see the fruit tray backstage.


Yummy pineapple! But we were still hungry after the soundcheck. So, on a tip from an old fried of ours, we went to:


Looks promising, it has both Canadian and Italian dishes!  Mike heard the pizza was good and ordered a whole one for himself.


Greedy Mike! He looks a bit like a Jack Nicholson there, don’t you think? REDRUM! REDRUM!

The show was a fabulous success and we were very warmly received by the Cornwalleenians. We hope to return soon, or at least in less than eighteen years.

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  1. Had a great time at the concert on Friday night. I got hook on you guy about a year ago and really love your music. I was so glad when I saw on your web site that you were coming to Cornwall. I really hope that it will not take another 18 years to come back. When you decide to come I will bring the BLUE File folder!!!!
    Thanks Guys for coming!!!!

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