We were delighted to be playing a Sudbury Saturday night. It was our first show here in five years, and Trevor’s first in eight. (Trevor was on paternity leave the last time–The Arrogant Worms are a very progressive organization–and was replaced by the always delightful Mike Ford.) But before we get on with the show, we will let you in on some of the excitement and wonder of the Canadian Entertainment Business. Yes, here is Chris checking into the hotel!

Chris checking in

What an action shot!

The theatre was at Laurentian University and the stage was carpeted, which is not something you see every day. We were a little worried about static electricity (and static cling) but you’ll be glad to know that we somehow made  it through unharmed. The Sudbury crowd was loud and enthusiastic, although they did fare poorly on the Mounted Animal Nature Trail, which was suprising given their proximity to the real park. We think they might have been messing with us.  After the show we met some fans and then enjoyed the fungi collection that was in the lobby. Why don’t more theatres have this?

Trevor is a fun guy

Oh, that Trevor. He’s one fun guy! (this is a play on words… it sounds just like fungi… okay, so it’s not funny.)

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  1. Saw you guys at Laurentian for the first time and greatly enjoyed the show! And yes Sturgeon Falls does have the best chip stands in the world!

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