Oliver Festival of the Grape

There are some days that are hard, then there are others when you end up at a festival drinking wine from the best vineyards in the BC occasionly interrupted by bursts of “work”. Yes, the Oliver Festival of the Grape was a very nice time.

Getting there wasn’t so nice. We had to drive five and a half hours from Cobalt to the Toronto airport, change planes in Calgary, land in Kelowna, rent a car, and drive an hour and a half to Oliver. Although the rental car we got was a Prius, which was very exciting… although it took Mike ten minutes to figure out how to put it into drive. We finally got to the hotel (the Walnut Beach Resort) around 11pm Pacific Time, a place far too classy for us with rooms as large as houses. Here is the view from the balcony the next morning.

460083336Yah, pretty nice. After looking at the view for a while, we went to the festival where we were met by Bacchus, who reviewed the schedule with Chris.

460123912You know you’re at a good festival when they give the clipboard to the guy in a toga. We did three sets in all and, in between, did our best to support the locals by tasting some of their wine. This was purely to support the festival and was in no way enjoyable.  Here is a picture of Trevor making the ultimate sacrifice.

460124040Yes, some days its good to go to the office. We recommend the Oliver Festival of the Grape to all our friends and a good deal of our enemies and would like to spend every Sunday this way.

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  1. Had a very enjoyable time at the Festival. The weather could not have been better. Loved your songs hope to see you again

  2. Just wanted to say that I’m enjoying reading the new blog, and I hope to one day finally see you guys play! I’m in Maine, and while I’d happily drive the ten hours to most of your Ontario concerts to see you, the timing never works! Maybe, maybe, maybe Cambridge! We’ll see!

    Thanks for being awesome.

  3. Hi Guys, we just created a new Festival of the Grape web site and as we were doing searches to see where the Google god puts us, I noticed your blog. Awesome!! We really enjoyed having you at the Oliver Festival of the Grape.

    Sorry you had the long drive, and change at the airport in Calgary. There are direct flights from London to Kelowna now (we take it when we visit relatives in Michigan). We go to Michigan in February to celebrate Christmas with family…Michigan in February???? WTF??? LOL…

    The Prius rental was cool eh? What was the gas expense like?

    Anyway, we’re glad you had an opportunity to enjoy some of the best wine in the world, and just want to say again how much we enjoyed your performances.


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