Kirkland Lake

After a lovely ten hour drive we arrived at Kirkland Lake. This was our second time playing there, the first time in… in… well, it was a while ago. After a delightful meal at Mama’s, where the portions are big enough to choke a yak, we went back to the theatre at the college. As we went down the stairs this is what we saw:

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Yes, two giant barbeques in front of a piano.  We assumed this was part of some course at the college–perhaps an interdisciplinary exercise between the music and cooking faculties.  Anyway, we were sad that we hadn’t brought any raw meat with us.  We usually pack raw pork in the bass case.




We made it safely to the dressing room, where Chris shaved. “I wonder what that looks like?” you ask. Well, wonder no more. Here is Chris shaving in glorious colour..

The show went well, and there was even a member of the  audience who enjoyed shouting things out, although we never could figure out exactly what he was saying as he seemed to lack the ability to form consonants.

Next stop, Cobalt!

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