The Guelph show was another astounding success. There are so many highlights that it would be nearly impossible to list them all… but list them we shall. First of all, we were not the only bundle of Canadiana performing at the River Run Centre. No, playing in the Centre’s other theatre was none other than the legendary Skydiggers.

Surprisingly enough, they did not rebuff our awkward advances and even engaged us in conversation. For proof here is  picture of Chris talking to singer Andy Maize.


Okay, so neither of their mouths are open and Andy seems a little uncomfortable–perhaps because Chris is approaching him with a toothbrush–but we assure you a deep and meaningful exchange did occur.

And why was Chris holding his toothbrush, you ask?  Well, because the backstage spread was super-extra-special that’s why!

461374984Mmmmmm! That’s good eating. The Coffee Mate was especially delightful. So few people realize how good it is on its own… or as a dip for tiny chocolate bars.

But perhaps the biggest highlight of them all was Trevor’s new shirt.  Yes, every ten years he buys a new one. Unfortunately there are no pictures of it–but even if there were we wouldn’t show them to you. It’s the only new thing about the show and we don’t want to spoil it for you.

What a day!  Tomorrow should be more relaxed as we perform in the bucolic village of Toronto.

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