Cobalt Ontario was a smashing success! People from all over the greater Cobalt area streamed in to see the show for a sold out (or at least close enough for us) show.

But, as usual the real magic happened before any of the audience even arrived. The Cobalt Classic Theatre sets itself apart from all other theatres by having a drum kit in the lobby.  Well, Mike (who loves to hit things) just couldn’t help himself.

459997832And no, that isn’t a crappy photo. Mike plays the drums so fast that he actually becomes a fuzzy blur.  Then came dinner. It came in a big pot that Chris very kindly brought in from the car it arrived in.

459997960 What a helpful boy!

459998088And of course there was dessert. A lovely assortment of squares with what looked like chocolate chip cookies but actually had Rolo candies in them! Delightful!

It was our third time at the Classic Theatre and we look forward to returning again soon.

Up next, Oliver, BC, which is very, very, very far away. But with all the calories we’ve stored up we should be able to make it.

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