Arrogant Worms tweet!

Rejoice fans of the trivial and the mundane, the Arrogant Worms are now on Twitter! (

Did you ever wonder what they had for lunch? Or perhaps you need to know how many cups of coffee they had today? Or maybe your life is not complete without hearing about the poor service they received at the dry cleaners?  Thanks to the wonder of Twitter this is now possible.

If you’re not on Twitter, we’re proud of you. Maybe you have real friends, interests and hobbies. Perhaps you feel life is best lived directly, not through a series of interfaces… but really, you’re already on the internet if you’re reading this. Admit it. You’ve lost. Reality was never that good anyway. Join us! Bathe in the water of useless information and swim with us in the sea of inanities! Virtual friends are the best anyway. You can delete them whenever they bother you! Come to the dark side. We have. We thought Twitter was bad, but we were wrong! Now we know what Mariah Carey is up to! Why? Because we follow her on Twitter. Did you know that after you arrived in Brazil the other day she went to the hotel and had a nap? We do! And we are better people for knowing it. Come… Come… Come…

I think it’s nap time.

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  1. Here’s a tweet… Jesus Brother Bob came to my door on Saturday night. I’m not even kidding. It was so exciting. He was a bit tipsy, but a very nice guy, and very stoic, what with wearing sandals on such a chilly evening. We told him to say hi to Jesus next time he says him, but he said he’s on the road right now.

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