Return to Kingston

We were back in Kingston for a show at the newly(ish) renovated Grand Theatre in Kingston, Ontario. Kingston is the birthplace of the Worms so we were very excited to be back to the land of our youth. Not only that, but the Grand is also the first place Trevor ever sang in public (as a Policeman in The Pirates of Penzance) and also where Mike once played Husband #3 in Lil’ Abner. So, yes, there is history in the place.

The audience was loud and enthusiastic, especially in their response to “The Wolfe Island Ferry” the song about the mighty ship that plows the vast distance between Kingston and Wolfe Island. So thanks to all those who came, and hopefully we’ll be back soon.

And now, for those who come here for the pictures (why aren’t we ever in HELLO! magazine, anyway?) here is one of Chris standing on stage.Chris on stage And one of Trevor with light shooting out of his stomach.Trevor's glowing belly

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  1. Hooray! And a great concert it was!

    May I ask what kind of camera you’re using? The picture of Chris is quite grainy — you may want to check your ISO setting. (Unless it was a cellphone camera, in which case, ignore me. I’m not a photographer, but I worked in a photolab for a quite awhile, I became a bit of a camera nerd)

    Trevor you look like Iron Man in the second picture! 😀

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