Official Grand Opening of New Website!

As of today all traffic from is being directed to (If you failed to notice a difference, there’s a dash in the middle of the first one.) We liked our old site but it was getting a little static as we weren’t very good at remembering to tell our website managing dude to put up new stuff.  But now the site is in our own hands… which is a little scary. At the moment our internet skills are sketchy at best, and we’re still getting our heads around such new-fangled things as Facebook and Twitter, but we are trying very, very hard.  (“Good effort!” as I used to hear in school.)  And to think,  I’d just gotten the hang of  the fax machine.

Behold, the FUTURE! (actually the present)


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  1. Congratulations on the new website ! It is going to be a fun experience to see whether it is going to be less or more static than the old one….I think less. I have faith….sort of. 🙂 🙂

  2. This is Great!! I have been checking the “old” site. It was sad that nothing was being updated. I keep looking for shows in Florida. Please come back to Florida!!! I don’t like the snow & cold! Its sunny & Warm here, except when its not.

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