Ottawa Folk Fest

We just came back from the Ottawa folk festival where we had a lovely time.  Our first workshop was entitled “harmony singing” where we were seated beside a super-good bluegrass group called The Breakmen.  Things took a little while to get going, however, as there were more musicians than equipment.  Here’s a picture of  Mike, Chris, and lap steel player Burke Carroll (who, by the way, has played on both Beige and Toast) trying to figure out what to do.  They were like that for ten minutes.


We did our thing on the mainstage that night, and news of our exploits were recorded in the Ottawa Citizen the next day.  The review was mainly about Bruce Cockburn and how wonderful and magical he his (he was the headliner), but I’ll skip all that and just give you the important stuff about us:

“Earlier in the evening, the Arrogant Worms were in fine form, obviously comfortable during their 89th performance at the Ottawa Folk Festival (or so they estimated). Joking about being pushed back to an earlier time slot, they declared their unhappiness with their “diminished role” and asked to be traded to Chamberfest.

The trio displayed a quick wit and improv ability and gleefully teased the folkfest audience about the hydration stations, falafels, and their concern for the environment. The jokes were fresh, but many of the songs were familiar, including the Worms’ declaration of love to Céline Dion and the misfortune of being Jesus’ brother, Bob.”

The full review (for all you Bruce Cockburn fans out there) is here. (The “diminished role” bit is a very amusing comment on the travails of the Ottawa Senators and their player Dany Heatly who wants to be traded.  If  you feel you need to know more about this very important issue click here.)

The festival was aslo an opportunity to catch up with some old friends.  Here’s Mike chatting with Canadian folk singer superstar James Keelaghan and bass playing virtuoso David Woodhead–all of them looking fabulous in their folk fest semi-casual wear.IMG_4202

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