Invading Ohio and Pennsylvania

We’ve recenly completed a quick jaunt into the USofA which was as successful as we could have hoped for.

It took us a while to get through the border.  We don’t know why… they’re really not into chit-chat there.  We were just glad that we no longer had to wait while looking at a picture of Dick Cheney… it always felt like his eyes were watching you like the pictures in Scooby-Doo.

Our first gig was in Ashland, Ohio where we played a lovely amphitheatre.  It was a free show and the audience got every penny’s worth (boom-chuck!).  The highlight of the evening, however, was dinner at the appropriately named Belly-buster’s restaurant where we ate lots of meat covered in lots of sauce with lots of extra food thrown in for fun.  When you eat in the US it’s always like they’re trying to stuff you like a turkey.

After that it was off to the Milkboy Coffee Shop in Ardmore PA for a show with our good buddies Paul and Storm.  The show was fun (although it went way past our bed-times) but most exciting of all was a pre-show chat with them about the wonders of the internet and how to run a web-site.  They even tried to convince us to Twitter.  It hasn’t happened yet, but who knows?  Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Bidding our pals adieu, we went to Musikfest in Bethlehem PA.  We always enjoy playing there: not only does it have a giant stage with Polka bands, but you can also wander around the whole downtown with a beer in your hand.  As good Canadian boys we still find this a little strange.  Alcohol is meant to be CONTROLLED–what if that beer jumped out of the cup and landed in a small child’s mouth?  What then?  Won’t someone think of the children.  Both our shows were fun and well-attended, although the second one ended a little early due to the extremely violent and judgmental thunderstorm that soaked the audience and blew out two of the stage-lights.  You’ll be glad to know that we excaped with only a modest dampening.

We finished off our tour with a show at beautiful Cain Park in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  It was a ticketed event (two dollars each!) so we hard to work extra hard.

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