Losing Hair Under God

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Recorded by: The Arrogant Worms
Written by: The Arrogant Worms


Oh Lord above sent His only son
To spread the word of God to everyone
Jesus cured the lepers and He healed the lame
But He left the bald men with their pain

Oh mighty Lord I lost what I had
I've suffered the fate of my own Dad
I looked in the hills, the valleys and everywhere
But I can't see why you took my hair

I'm losing my hair
I'm losing my hair
What was on my head
Is no longer there
When you see the light
It's my forehead's glare
Oh, don't you care
That I'm losing my hair

I tried to pray and I tried to grieve
I tried the wig and I tried the weave
I tried the transplant and I tried the graph
But my hair is thinning fast

Oh mighty Lord, why'd you'd take my hair?
Are you making a carpet for heaven's stairs?
To warm the feet of the chosen souls?
But in the meantime, my head's getting cold


We are your children, and we are blessed
But most of my hair, is now on my chest
In your own wisdom, you took it off my head
Well couldn't you just strike me blind instead?

Oh Lord above, on judgement day
Will you forgive me for my toupee?
And when I march through the gates of pearl
Can I have hair in your afterworld?


Oh mighty Lord, up on your throne
I gotta know, do you use a comb?
Is your hair wavy, or is it blonde,
Is it curly, or is it gone!

Is to be bald to be devine?
Cuz all the monks, have heads that shine
If that's your way, then I don't care
I'll sell my soul to get more hair

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